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About Us




Gulf Abram Trading Est. was established in year 1992 with the aim of marketing Mechanical and Electro-mechanical products required in Water Transmission Lines, Water Pumping Stations, Water& Sewage Treatment Plants and also for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries.  


Now, our company has been renamed as GULF ABRAM TRADING COMPANY since NOVEMBER 2007. Our Head office is located in Old Akariyah Shopping Centre, Olaya, Riyadh, Office No. 321 A and our branch office is located in DAMMAM (Eastern Province) to Market our products and serve the contractors and the Eastern Province Water Directorate in addition to SAUDI ARAMCO & SABIC INDUSTRIES.


Since its inception, Gulf Abram has always tried to introduce new products of high quality which meet or exceed the standard required in Gulf Region. Gulf Abram has built up an excellent reputation in the field of Sales and Marketing wide range of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Products due that our SALES ENGINEERS are fully trained on the products which are within our scope of marketing because we have Graduated Mechanical Engineers, Electrical & Electronic Engineers to market 






GULF ABRAM TRADING COMPANY always endeavors to market the QUALITY Products because we believe in long term business association with our clients, therefore no compromise on QUALITY.








(A) FLOW MEASUREMENT for Water & Oil using Magnetic Inductive Flow Meter and Transit Time Technology, as the sole agent of the German Flowmeter Manufacturer Badger Meter Europe.


(B) LEVEL MEASUREMENT of Water & Oil using Ultrasonic and FMCW Technology, as the sole agent of the Hungarian Manufacturer Nivelco.


(C) WATER METER for Domestic, Industrial & Irrigation.



  • Gate Valves (Flanged and Socket) manufactured by Hawle the pioneer Austrian valve manufacturer who invented the rubber seated gate valve.

  • Butterfly Valves (Flanged, Wafer and Lug Type) manufactured by Ozkan, a Turkey valve manufacturer owned by Hawle and follow its high quality standards.

  • Check Valves by both companies above. 

  • Air Release Valves by both companies above.

  • Ball Valves

  • Control Valves (Pressure Reducing, Altitude, Surge Control, Float Valves etc.)

  • Pressure Vessels / Surge Vessels (Manufactured in SAUDI ARABIA for Local Market & Export Market


   (E) PENSTOCKS – Heavy Duty and Fabricated Slice Gates for Sewage Treatment Plants and DAMS



  • Ductile Iron Pipes 

  • Ductile Iron Fittings

  • Stainless Steel and Brass Fittings

  • Flange Adaptors and Couplings

  • Rubber Expansion Joints and Flexible Hoses


(G) DETECTABLE WARNING TAPES for Various Utilities including Telecom, Fiber Optic Cables



The policy of GULF ABRAM TRADING Company to work with all the contractors from TENDER STAGE & submit the same price to all the contractors & whoever wins the job then the dedicated engineer co-ordinate this contractor.


Annual Revenue:

Annual revenue for the Gulf Abram trading company is more than 30 million Saudi Riyals, but we are optimistic to increase this revenue during the next five years due to the increasing in water and wastewater projects that are granted by the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Workshops and after-sales services




We have a 2000 m2 warehouse located in North RIYADH - King Salman Road, out of which 1000 Square Meters is shaded area for storing the items prone to sun &dust and remaining area open. The warehouse is controlled by warehouse in-charge 24 x 7 days.


The company's engineers are trained and competent technical support are in the process of high-tech devices that we supplied, whether the operator or calibration and programming and detecting and repairing faults. Where they have been rehabilitated through courses and seminars they received by the manufacturers that we represent abroad.


And also we do to prepare for the visits of engineers and specialists from the public and private sectors to our factories abroad to receive technical training on devices that are supplied, as well as for the latest global technology in the field of instrumentation and valves, and other materials.


Technical support from the foreign company:


We from time to time to the work of art workshops in conjunction with our partners overseas to invite specialists from most public and private companies to connect with new products and the latest technology in our field.


We send our engineers from time to time to receive training on new products and in order to carry out the technical support for these devices and products.


Foreign companies offer direct lines of communication to our engineers to communicate with them at any time for the purpose of securing prosperity and technical support, especially for products with high technology.



Most important clients


1. The Ministry of Environment ,Water and agriculture

2. National Water Company.

3. All water Authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi arabia

4. Aramco



7. Marafiq

8. Saudi Bin Laden

9. Most of the contractors of water and waste water projects in Saudi Arabia